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South Africa remains a very important market for Financial Institutions globally and is also a key entry point into South Africa and the greater Southern Africa.  Global banks are doing business in South Africa and the region using 3 business models namely:

  • “Suitcase Banking” – Bank executives are visiting South Africa frequently or on a case-by-case basis depending on the objectives and number of clients in Southern Africa.

  • Representative Office – A formal presence is approved by the South African Reserve Bank that allows the bank to set-up an office and conduct sales, marketing, risk, and governance activities in South Africa.  These offices are also used to serve the greater region.

  • Foreign Branch/Subsidiary – Full banking licence and South African Reserve Bank Authorised dealer status allows overseas banks to perform full banking services and provide Foreign Exchange services.



Current Challenges

The current Covid 19 pandemic and various other socio, political, economic, and regulatory developments have drastically changed the global banking landscape and banks are facing a wide range of challenges regarding doing business with other jurisdictions.  It is no longer “business as usual” and we can expect banks across the globe to review the cost effectiveness of their presence and representation in other countries.  


Our Solutions 

We offer a range of solutions providing global banks/financial institutions with “on-the-ground” presence and capabilities regrading doing business in South Africa and the Southern African region.  These services are flexible and can be tailor-made to suite individual requirements at very cost-effective rates on a once-off or retainer basis.  Some of these services are as follows:

  • On-the-ground presence in South Africa without the associated costs

  • Providing in-depth knowledge of market dynamics, macroeconomic and political circumstances that could affect business in South Africa and the region

  • In-depth understanding of counterparty and country credit risks

  • Assistance with operations challenges and finding solutions

  • Assistance with RFI/ RFP processes

  • Advisory service regarding a wide range of requirements as it relates to entering the market as well as understanding and keeping up to date with local developments

  • Advice regarding the KYC/FICA/AML governance and compliance processes

  • Our skills and experience in the following disciplines will be at our clients’ disposal to grow new business in this market:

    • Cross border payments and remittances

    • Exchange control and financial surveillance 

    • Asset management

    • Capital markets

    • Traditional trade finance

    • Structured trade finance

    • Foreign Exchange

    • Emigration/Immigration

    • Foreign direct investments

    • Financial Institutions Credit Risk Analysis