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Imports & Exports RGB-01.png
  • Cross-border Payments - Foreign Trade

  • ​Competitive Exchange Rates

  • ​Online FX Trading, Payment, Risk management and Administration platform

Private Individuals RGB-01.png
  • Cross-border Payments - Offshore investments​

  • Competitive Exchange Rates​

  • FX Risk Management & Hedging

  • South African Reserve Bank Applications​

  • Tax Clearance Certificates

  • Financial Emigration

Investments RGB-01.png
  • Sending and Receiving 
    Money Abroad ​

  • Investments – Local and Offshore

  • South African Reserve Bank Applications

Other Financial Services RGB-01.png
  • Investment Call Account

  • ​Online Fx System

  • ​Import/Export Trade Finance

  • ​Debtor Finance

  • Specialised Equipment and Rental Finance

  • ​Freight and Forwarding

  • ​DTI Manufacturing Incentive

  • ​Custom rebates for importers and exporters

  • Import Duty Recoveries

  • ​Short Term Insurance

  • ​Transactional Banking 

About us

BeztForex empowers Importers, Exporters and Investors with incredible Foreign Exchange solutions. 
Manage your FX risk with our online FX trading, payment, risk management and administration platform – unique in South Africa and the African continent!
In addition, we provide a full suite of other Banking and Financial Planning Solutions to individuals and institutional clients.
As an Importer, Exporter or Investor, take advantage and allow BeztForex to make you more competitive!

"The only real competitive advantage,
is to have an obsession with
client service."


- Herman Bezuidenhout

   Founder | CEO BeztForex

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With BeztForex your rate is always negotiable!

Our small team of extra ordinary individuals has over 120 years of International Banking and Investment experience.

The BeztForex team is a diverse and energetic team of professionals. They are passionate about adding real value by applying the BeztForex values of Integrity, Speed, Confidence & Service. 

Our Team


Are you interested to know more about Foreign Exchange and Global Trade?

CEO, Herman Bezuidenhout and his leading team of specialists will be keeping you updated with their monthly blog posts and newsletters.